1 Year Loan without a Guarantor

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 02.47.171 year loans without guarantor are the risk free and most fast loans that can be acquired in the United Kingdom loan market. In such kind of loans, unlike the secured loans no collateral is pledged for getting the loan from the lender. In secured loans people had to give any of his collateral in the custody of the loan lender but in these loans this security is not needed by the lender of the loan. So if he fails to pay off his loan back to the kinder due to any problem, he will not be in risk of losing his collateral. For this purpose these loans are known as risk free loans. People may acquire these loans after the lender has confirmed your credit report. On the basis of the impression your credit report is giving you will be given these loans.

Eligibility and conditions for getting 1year loans without a guarantor in the United Kingdom

Any person can get these loans whether he is a tenant or a homeowner if is available with perfect credit scores and perfect credit report showing good credit records in the past. If the credit reports depict any pending loans and any remaining credits, the lender may not trust the borrower and may refuse to allow the loans. To give loan to these people will be a risky thing to do. Some of the people who have been rejected for different other loans may get these loans if they meet the conditions and are eligible for getting such unsecured loans.

Need of finding 1 year loans without a guarantor

The 1 year loans without a guarantor can be taken for several purposes. A person who wants to renovate his house and wants to make some changes may get these loans. Those parents who are unable to afford the educational fees and expenses of their children may find these loans. People who need some money for meeting their business needs may get them. People can acquire them for debt consolidation. And for several other purposes these loans can be acquired easily.

Advantages and benefits of 1 year loans without a guarantor

These 1 year loans without a guarantor may let you avail a number of benefits and advantages which will help you in your financial lives. These loans are not at all risk as the secured loans are. These will be very much helpful when you are in need of some finances and need to be helped financially. So, the 1 year loans will benefit you in the hour of need.

Easy Access to 1 year loans without a guarantor

At present you need no worries regarding the access to the 1 year loans as you just have to fill the application form available over the website. You just fill the online form that asks some general information about yourself. After submission of application form it takes no more than 10 minutes to transfer loan to your bank account. We would suggest  using a direct lender such as 12loans.co.uk if you intend to apply for a 12 month loan.